Vintage Frosted Tube Led Bulbs 5W Dimmable T30*185-Frosted5WVintage Frosted Tube Led Bulbs 5W Dimmable T30*185-Frosted5W

Vintage Frosted Tube Led Bulbs 5W 130-270V Dimming

Vintage Frosted Tube Led Bulbs 5W Dimmable T30*185-Frosted5W
Model: T30*185-Frosted5W
LED: 6*38mm Sapphire Substrate Led Filament
Size: Dia.30mm x 185mm
Glass Design: Frosted Tube T30*185
Wattage: 5W (5KW/1000Hours)
Voltage: 130-270V
Lumen: 450lm
Color Temperature: 2200K / 2700K / 6000K
Lamp Base: E26E27/B22
Glass: High hardness glass, helium filled
Glass Globe Color: Frosted White
CRI: Ra>95
Dimmable: 6th Multi-IC Full Range Smooth Deep Dimmable
Energy Class: A++
Warranty: 30000 Hours / 3 years
Single Package size: 40x 40 x 190 mm

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1. This is a frosted tube vintage led bulb T30*185, thick frosted white glass color. There is 6 pieces of 38mm led filament, it is 5-6W rated, 450lumen at 2700K. Most of the frosted led bulb is 2700-3000K. We also have frosted glass tube led bulb of T30*225, T30*300, T30*450mm and Etc.

We have a new dmming driver, it is called switch dimming power, advantage as below:
1. Voltage 130V-270V. Wide voltage range, eliminate the effect of voltage instablility.
2. Better dimming ability, work with more than 95% of the dimmers on the market, full range smooth dimming.
3. Higher efficiency. There is almost no heat sinking problem, so the efficiency is higher than traditional dimming driver.
4. Longer lifespan, because it has a high efficiency and no heat-sinking problem, this switch dimming driver has a longer lifespan.


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