Loofah-SLED-Squirrel cage-GoldLoofah-SLED-Squirrel cage-Gold

Loofah-SLED-Squirrel cage-Gold

Name: Soft Flexible Led Filament Decorative Led Lamp Squirrel Cage Filament

Model: Loofah-Sled-Squirrel Cage-Gold
LED: 400mm Length Flexible soft led filament Spiral
Size: Dia.125 x 280mm L
Glass Design: Loofah shape.
Wattage: 3-6W (3-6KW/1000Hours)
Lumen: 120-280lm
Color Temperature: 2200K / 2700K
Lamp Base: E26/E27/B22 Nickel Brass
Glass: High hardness glass, helium filled
Glass Color: Clear, Amber/Gold, Semi-black, Smoked
CRI: Ra>90
Dimmable: IC non-flickering linear smooth soft dimmable
Warranty: 20000Hours
Single Package size:140x140x300mm

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  1. This loofah shape decorative soft flexible led filament bulb has a size of diameter 125mm and 280mm length, the flexible soft filament led inside the glass bulb is 400mm length, with a squirrel cage filament design, same style as vintage light bulb ST64 squirrel cage.
  2. About one year ago, the extra big decorative led bulb has a much bigger lamp base, which is E40 or E39, it is bigger than medium base of E26/E27/B22. E39/E40 base is not usual, so it is a kind of difficulty for customer to use, because customer has to change their E26/E27/B22 base to E40/E39. That was why the market is not big one year ago for super big decorative led lamp. Now, we Bofa lighting manufacturer is making all the super big decorative vintage led bulb with medium lamp base of E26/E27/B22, we expended the open of the glass bulb, so that we can put bigger size filament design into the glass bulb, and keep the base size not changing.
  3. For flexible soft led filament, there are two different versions, one is normal flexible soft filament led, the other one is metal substrate flexible soft filament led. Comparing to traditional soft led filament, metal soft filament led has several advantage as below:

1>. Because it is metal soft filament, so it is good heat sinking, wattage can be 5-6W, not only 3W Max. for    traditional soft led.

2>. Also, the lumen is higher, it is about 500lm 5W at 2700K, 350lm 5W at 2200K.

3>. Because metal soft led is efficient heat sinking, so it has a longer lifespan.

4>. Low cost. Based on same quality, metal soft led usually has a little lower cost.


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