Cloud Design Vintage Edison Soft Led BulbsCloud Design Vintage Edison Soft Led Bulbs

Cloud Design Vintage Edison Soft Led Bulbs Cloud120-G

Name: Cloud Design Vintage Edison Soft Led Bulbs

Model: Cloud120-G
LED: 255mm flexible soft Led Filament
Size: Dia.120 x 250mm L
Glass Design: Cloud
Wattage: 4W (4KW/1000Hours)
Voltage: 100-130V / 220-240V
Lumen: 200lm
Color Temperature: 2200K
Lamp Base: E26/E27/B22 Nickel Plated Brass Or Brass
Glass: High hardness glass, Helium filled
Glass Color: Amber Gold
CRI: Ra>95
Dimmable: 6G IC non-Flickering Full Range soft Dimming
Warranty: 20000Hours
Single Package size: 140 x 140 x 280mm

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1. This cloud design decorative vintage led bulb is a nice lighting decoration for home improvement, it has a size of diameter120mm and length of 250mm, E27 medium size lamp base, full range soft smooth dimmable. 255mm soft flexible led filament inside this vintage led globe, in a loose spiral filament design.
2. For dimming, we have developed a new dimming function led bulb recently, it is called automatic dimming vintage led lamp. When this automatic dimming led bulb is turning on, it automatically dimming from 0%-100%, then from 100%-0%, in a circle, if customer think the brightness is good, for example, 70% brightness is what they want, then customer click the switch one time, the vintage led bulb stops automatic dimming. If customer want to change the brightness of the led bulbs, click the switch, the vintage led go to automatic dimming circle again, check and choose the correct brightness, and click the switch to stop vintage led lamp from automatic dimming.


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