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Quality Checking for Vintage Led Bulbs

Vintage led bulb is more and more popular now, with the fierce competition, the price is lower and lower, in order to have a lower price, some company are always trying to reduce the quality and materials. For example, they use lower quality power, the dimming is not much good, or the vintage led bulb life span is also reduced a lot, some company even use switch power for quoting lower price.

In Oct.2019, one of our EU company come to us after HongKong Fair, they visited our production lines and showroom, they selected some models for Quotation,
they said our price is a little higher than what they get from HongKong show, and they took 2 samples out from their suitcase to show us, we all noticed that their sample is lower quality than ours at the first glance, even they are the same model that is A165, maybe because we are a more than 10 years manufacturer, we can see the difference easily, but our customer can not see the difference, unless we told them to check and compare carefully, at last, they found that our vintage led bulb A165 looks more beautiful, the amber gold color is perfect, and the glass is totally crystal, no dirty at all, no scratch at all, color of the Led filament is much even. After our customer noticed the difference, we asked them to test the dimming ability and CRI, all is better than their sample. And then we take the electronic scale to weight the two vintage led bulb A165, one is from our customer, one is ours, the result is that our A165 vintage led bulb is 310g, while, our cusotmer’s sample is only 188g, we all saw this result, our antique led bulb is almost two times weight than our customer sample. Then, my customer noticed the difference based on same vintage led bulb A165.

We are a leading manufacturer for vintage Led bulb in China, we have two big factories. We use almost the best material for all our vintage led lamps, for each new material, we always do enough testing. We have 6 sets of automatic testing line, each of the vintage led bulb will be tested 3 times before packing. Almost all our customer from the world confirm that our vintage led bulbs has a much good quality.

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