Glass Bulb for Extra Big Decorative Vintage Edison Led Bulbs -

Glass Bulb for Extra Big Decorative Vintage Edison Led Bulbs

Glass bulb is one of the most important thing for decorative led light bulbs, there are several things we need to pay attention as below:

  1. Color of the glass bulb globes.

There are mainly 3 color for glass bulb, one is transparent with a little white color, one is transparent with a little green color, the other one is transparent with a little blue color. Most customer could not be able to notice this little difference, actually it is only a little difference. Green and blue color glass is the normal quality glass, usually it is used for small size vintage led light bulb. Green color glass looks a little more transparent than blue color glass, but the color is from the glass material factory, because glass factory produce a lot of glass material for one batch production, the glass material is not only used for led light bulb, but also used for other products, so we can not control the color from glass factory, but we can control it for our customer, we select the color customer want when we produce filament led bulbs. However, most of the decorative filament led bulb we do is not clear glass bulb, they are amber color, smoked color, gold color, with these color coating, we can not see the color difference at all. Also, when the led light bulb is lighting on, we can not see the difference either. For the white color glass, it is usually made of extra hardness glass, this glass is used for big size decorative led light bulb, white glass has a very good transparent.

2. Thickness of the glass for vintage led light bulbs.

Thick glass is strong, hard, not easy to break, but it is expensive; Thin glass is more fragile, easy to break, but it is cheap. For extra large decorative led light bulb, the glass must be thick enough, because big size glass is easy to break. We Dongguan Bofa light company only use thick glass to produce vintage filament led bulbs. Thick glass is a little more heavy than thin glass bulb.

3. Scratches and dirty on glass bulbs.

In the past, some customer complain that there are scratches and dirty on the glass, especially the scratches, big scratches is very obvious when the bulb is lighting on. For dirty, customer can clean it easily, but scratches can not be removed for clear glass. For amber color, gold color and smoked color, these color can be able to cover the small scratches, but can not cover the big scratches. Colors like frosted, opal, can cover all the scratches. Now, the most popular color for extra big decorative led light bulb is gold color, some customer also like clear color, scratches is much visible for these two color, so we have to use the best quality glass bulb.

But how shall we make sure there is no scratches on glass bulb? We have following measures:

  1. > Most the scratches is from glass factory. When the glass globes come out from machine, the glass is very hot, more than 300 degree, the hot glass bulbs is cooling down on the long production line, the production line is moving, because the hot glass is still soft, not hard enough, so it is easy to have scratches on glass. Now glass factory has already improve this situation, there is not so much scratches glass bulb now, and they will inspect each of the glass bulb before shipping to us, they will pick out the defects one according to our QC standard. For shipping, the glass globes is putting in an individual paper bag and then pack with carton box, this way can make sure there is no scratches during transportation.
  2. > During our production, we also use soft paper bag for each of the glass globes to protect them from scratches. Also we have 2 automatic glass washing machines to wash the glass, it is ultrasonic washing, the glass bulb is set to the individual hook, so they can not touch each other during washing, so each of the glass bulb we are using is much clean. However, we can not make sure there is scratches during our production, because there are a lot of production department, our QC will check this before packing, will pick our the scratch bulbs out for defects.
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