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130-270V Switch Dimming Driver For Vintage Led Bulb

We have a new dmming driver, it is called switch dimming power, advantage as below:
1. Voltage 130V-270V. Wide voltage range, eliminate the effect of voltage instablility.
2. Better dimming ability, work with more than 95% of the dimmers on the market, full range smooth dimming.
3. Higher efficiency. There is almost no heat sinking problem, so the efficiency is higher than traditional dimming driver.

4. Longer lifespan, because it has a high efficiency and no heat-sinking problem, this switch dimming driver has a longer lifespan.
The two most important features.
1. One is 130-270V voltage. Because the voltage is unstable in many places now, traditional vintage led bulb has a voltage of 110-130V or 220-250V, the voltage range is very narrow, if the voltage is unstable, the vintage led bulb will flashing. Now, this new switch dimming driver solved this problem. However, it is 130-270V dimming driver, so it is only for 220-240V market(EU, China), not for 100-120V market(Japan, USD, CA).
2. This 130-270V dimmer driver is about 10% percent better than traditional dimming driver, it can work with more than 95% dimmers in the market, specially work with the new technology dimmers.
1. This 130-270V switch dimming driver requires a high voltage for led filament, the vintage led lamp manufacturer must be aware of this.
2. So far, this 130-270V switch dimming power can only be used for straight led filment, can not be used for flexible soft led filament and copper wire led filament, because it is a high voltage power, need high voltage Led filament, both of flexible soft Led filament and copper wire led filment can not meet the high voltage requirement.
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